Developing websites for SMEs gives me deep insights into the respective company structures.

In a time when e-commerce is growing rapidly, I want to share my experiences and impressions with you.

We have customers who are incredibly passionate about their businesses, Wilhelm Gracner from art of homes is one of them.

With enthusiasm, he finds new ideas to increase his success. We were able to support him with our technical knowledge and learn from his experiences with print media.
Sebastian Bartmann

Case Study


Builder and real estate project developers for exclusive residential properties with best living quality.

Why they came to us:


There was no web presence, each building was to be displayed with apartments and easily edited.


We implemented an individual WordPress Theme in which buildings and apartments can be created and managed, completely adapted to the design wishes.

Implementation with:

What we have learned:

We learned how important it is to find a good balance between administrative freedom and ease of use. Simple changes to the apartments must be possible intuitively.