Developing websites for SMEs gives me deep insights into the respective company structures.

In a time when e-commerce is growing rapidly, I want to share my experiences and impressions with you.

We have customers who are incredibly passionate about their companies, Wolfgang Tritsch and Alexander Oberenzer from the smart and rich academy are part of this group.

They use their skills as coaches and consultants to approach projects with the right attitude. With positivity they orchestrate the process from the beginning to the successful end of each project.
Sebastian Bartmann

Case Study


Investment consultants, game developers and coaches. With their academy they teach how to deal with money and how to invest correctly.

Why they came to us:


To expand your business online and reach more people with your financial knowledge you want to build an online academy.


The first thing we did was to precisely specify their online offer. From this we developed a website as well as a member page including invidual functionality.

Implementation with:

What we have learned:

Since the Smart and Rich Academy did not yet have a website, we were able to develop everything from scratch. Therefore, during the planning phase we were able to find an ideal architecture of domains and servers for landing pages and membership pages and for other customers to use.