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We are specialised in web development. Websites, landing pages and membership pages are our area of expertise.

Our websites are 100% custom-made, we do not use templates. We develop responsive so that every website looks perfect on all devices.

We use technology with the highest reliability; after all, a website has to function continuously. WordPress is our first choice, but we also use cutting-edge technologies such as NodeJS and React as needed. WordPress is much more mature, and as a rule, projects can be satisfactorily implemented more quickly. WordPress also has the advantage of offering a user-friendly interface for administration, so that active changes can be made quickly to individual pages with little training.

How we work

Successful conception

A website cannot stand alone. It must fit into the concept.

Wenn wir Ihnen eine Website erstellen, arbeiten wir als ersten Schritt ein Konzept aus.

We analyse your typical customer and examine the customer journey. Based on this, we create a page structure and define where which content is placed.

We create a page as a design preview. You receive a video as a description and can tell us what you like and what you don't like. We then incorporate your wishes until we have an effective and good-looking plan.



Genaue Entwicklung

Once the concept and design guidelines are decided, we start the implementation.

Development takes place on our test environment, we send you regular updates on progress. The test environment is accessible to you throughout the entire process, so you can follow the development.

Consistent maintenance

We build all websites so that you can manage them yourself. At the same time, it is our concern to make the websites we produce a success. This means at least increasing the number of visitors on an ongoing basis.

In our experience, there are two scenarios:

  1. You have one person in your company who takes responsibility over the website and is also knowledgeable about the subject matter.
  2. You commission us to look after the website, the management or assistant management usually has neither the time nor the experience of looking after an online presence.


Your company is unique!

That is why we would like to invite you to a free consultation. Our aim is to build a common understanding of your situation and to give you the best possible advice for your situation based on our experience.

Think of it as a free consultation, we only accept jobs that benefit both you and us.