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How to add a Favicon with Neve theme

A favicon is a small icon, symbol or logo unsed to identify a website. It is typically displayed in browser tabs or bookmarks of websites.

An example of a favicon

The Neve Theme is a popular WordPress Theme from themeisle, an awesome company building tools for WordPress. They are based in Bucharest, Romania and always happy to help.

Change a Favicon with WordPress Customizer

First you need a Favicon, this can be 16×16, 32×32 Pixel or bigger. Within WordPress you can also easily crop and resize images since version 4.3.

When using WordPress, the favicon can typically be changed through Appearance → Customizer in your WordPress dashboard.

When using the Neve Theme, the Customizer menu is changed. 

Instead of “Site Identity” you need to edit “Header” and then click on “Logo & Site Identity” within your header. If you do not have a header you need to create one. If you are using Elementor Headers you can still create a Neve header with Logo & Site Identity which will not be displayed but can be used to configure the favicon.

How to change the favicon in Neve Themes
If there was no favicon to begin with, the sidebar will look slightly different:
Add a favicon for the first time

In both cases you can click “Change image” / “Select site icon” which will open the WordPress media library where you can upload and choose your favicon. Remember – WordPress recommends an image with at least 512×512 pixels.

After selecting an image, click Select in the bottom right corner:

WordPress Media Library

Thereafter you can crop your image if necessary. Alternatively you can skip cropping and insert your favicon.

Now you only need to Publish your changes.

Don’t forget to clear your server cache if you have one set up.

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Neve is a very easy theme to work but some things like this can be tricky to find. I only noticed my favicon was missing and was unsure where to find the favicon setting in the neve wordpress theme the post from blue lake helped me alot as I was in a hurry.

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